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Learn the 15 strategies that gained me 100+ Ideal Client Instagram followers in less than a week with my new eGuide!


Let's talk passive income. If you don't know what passive income is, listen good!


First of all I have a question.


Do your bills only generate when you physically use the service?


Some do - gas, electric, water, they are pretty much a pay-as-you-use service, but in general our bills come out whether we use the service or not - TV, broadband, insurance, phone, car payments...


You could go away for three months and not step foot in your house but does your mortgage stop? Your council tax? Of course it doesn't!

Your outgoings never stop, so why should your income?


Why can your outgoings keep out-going no matter what, but your income is equivalent to the hours and effort you put in - seriously, why?

With passive income, we look at generating a continuous income from an initial effort in the beginning.


For example, I write a blog post, a really good, valuable, informative, interesting blog post with a strong Call To Action in March 2021 and I get a few purchases of my eBook, a few Content Planner downloads and a couple of clients.



Three months later, my blog is still getting exposure and people are still coming to read it. I continue to get more and more purchases of my eBook, Content Planner downloads and clients.


I am earning money from something I created three months ago and I am not even doing anything further, other than the occasional share.

The great thing is, you don't even need a blog to do this, although it is a great asset to have eventually.


You can do this through eBooks, courses, downloads or even through social media posts!

My job is to teach you how to create the strategies behind creating passive-income-producing content and how to leverage your content to maximise its profitability for the long run.


We all love to get that notification from Instagram that someone new is following us, but do followers really mean money? The answer, simply, is no. More followers do not mean more sales. So why do I want to show you how to get more followers if they actually don't mean a whole lot?

The aim of this guide is to show you how to get Ideal Client Followers - what does this mean?

Your ideal client is the person you most want to see your content. They are the exact person who wants what you have to offer and is ready to pay for it. The great thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of those people out there, and this guide was made to teach you some of the strategies that will ensure they see you and hit that follow button!


What is an Email List?:


An Email List is a database of warm leads; individuals who have given you their email address because they want to use your services/products. 

Why should I have an email list?:

  • You own your email list, unlike your social media

  • Its a low cost marketing option

  • It drives conversion to your website

  • Higher return on investment than most other marketing options

  • It trumps Facebook in so many ways

  • It has very measurable metrics

So how do you build your email list?:


Download our free guide to find out!

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Organisation is crucial! Sitting down one day a week and planning out your week's content will take a huge weight off your shoulders for that week. You'll gain valuable time throughout the week and productivity.

There are hundreds of content planners out there, and a lot of the ones you can get online look fantastic and are jam packed with space to write, inspirational quotes, goal setting prompts, daily challenges etc. but honestly? For a week or two it's great, but after that it's just tedious, time-consuming and borderline procrastination!

A simple content planner like this one is what you need!

                            it also comes with a list of 100 popular hashtags for business owners!

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                to launch a profitable blog and make a passive income?

A passive income is an income where you continue to financially benefit from an initial effort. Blogging is a prime example of generating a passive income. This book will teach you how to launch a profitable blog in order to generate continuous revenue in the future.

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